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Friday, June 24th, 2011 07:50 am

A Cross-Over Story by Greentea-- Sk/M/K -- Christmas 2009
-An abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of DC. Mulder shook him. "Don't pass out on me now! I want answers, Krycek. What happened to you?"
"They tried to cross me over." Krycek heaved out. "I put up a fight. I was outnumbered." "A cross-over? With whom? By whom?" Mulder was relentless.
"Outbreeding experiments with another species, some other TV series... Cancerman testing my loyalty to CC, I guess..."

A Day With Billy by Courtney Gray -- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-"Billy! C'mon back! Don't go into the woods alone!"
The child ignored the voice. He was sure he'd seen... something, like a fluttering light weaving through the tall, thick trees that began at the end of the winding path. He was sure of it.

A Little Christmas Spirit by RhymePhile -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Mulder threaded his fingers through the tangled mess of wires and sighed.
"Tell me why we're doing this again," he muttered, vowing to himself that if they did this next year he would just buy a new damn strand of Christmas lights.
"Because," Alex replied, taking the knot of lights from Mulder and returning to his spot on the couch, "you love me."

A Midnight Clear by Inlaterdays-- K, M, Sc -- Christmas 2009 A/N: This is set post-IWTB, in the present day. Quote is from "Closure"
-They had developed their own Christmas Eve traditions, he and Scully. Some were mutual - wrapping gifts, making eggnog - and some were done separately. Scully usually drove into town for Midnight Mass, but not this year; the truck needed a new battery and was stalling in the cold. Mulder always held his vigil.

A Pets Christmas by Ursula -- Alex K-- Christmas 2008
-It had been summer when he was brought here. It was winter now.
Alex tried so hard to be good, but no matter how good he was, they still didn't let him go home.
Halloween passed and Thanksgiving.
No treats for Halloween. No turkey for Thanksgiving.
And Alex realized there would be no Santa for Christmas.

A Twisted Truth by ib_ratstruck-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-The sound insinuated itself into his brain. Even as he still slept, his hand slid under the pillow seeking his gun. As the Glock settled comfortably in his hand, Alex Krycek abruptly came fully awake. Hearing the strange noises coming from the front room of his apartment, he slid off the safety and quietly slipped from his bed.

A Winter's Day by ib_ratstruck-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-The temperature seemed to have risen to tropical levels, as the flushed, sweaty men collapsed in front of the fireplace. Heavy breathing, soft music, and the crackling of the roaring fire were the only sounds to be heard.

An Undecorated Tree by RhymePhile-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
The slush swirled in an angry torrent over his boot as he stepped from the curb, soaking the unprotected leather through to his sock. He groaned, and cursed both his poor timing for this meeting and the unexpected snowstorm.

And A Cat by Aqualegia-- Sk/K -- Christmas 2004
-Standing in an almost dark room, Walter Skinner looked out of his hotel window over the twinkling lights of London, watching the almost imperceptible movement of the London Eye revolving in the distance. Even though it was some miles away on the south bank of the River Thames, it still dominated the skyline, drawing the eye with it's circle of twinkling lights. He shifted his gaze to some huge cranes, looming over their part finished buildings, each decorated for Christmas with coloured lights, some even having a Christmas tree sprouting from its boom.

Alone at Christmas by Aqualegia-- Sk/K -- Christmas 2005
-Walter Skinner, drink in hand, stared out of the window of his 17th Floor apartment. It looked as if he was going to be alone at Christmas. Tonight, like last night, there were no twinkling lights, no stars... nothing.... Nothing but fog.

Beloved Enemy-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-Alex had finally achieved his goal in life. All the years he'd been an assassin and a spy he'd fantasized about a regular job with a regular life, and now he finally had one, or something like it. Alex Krycek had become a stockbroker. He'd had to destroy the Consortium in order to do so, turning state's evidence and wisely implicating several highly placed government officials in the process.

Blind Sided by Ursula-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
Mulder's voice crackled with excitement.
"I've found Scully and the little rat who took her."
"What? Is she okay?"
"She's unconscious, but the doctors can't find anything wrong with her. Krycek won't say what he did to her."

Diamonds in the Rough by Amazon X-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2005
-Walter Skinner walked into his mud porch off the kitchen to pull off his boots and hang his coat. October was always nice in Pennsylvania. It was one time he wished his property didn't have so many trees. Raking the leaves, no matter how pretty, was a chore he'd rather not deal with. There was one good thing about raking leaves: finishing.

Doggy Style by Greentea-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2005
-They are weird animals, these humans.
Like, the house is plenty big enough for the four of us. My corner is cozy and warm. I love my mat in my corner. It's by the stove and it's mine alone. We have more than enough suitable corners in the kitchen and by the fireplace in the living room for each of us, but my three roommates somehow prefer to lie all on the same mat. They'll even pile on top of each other, although theirs is a huge mat. Usually on top of Walter.

Chess by tarlan-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-The drive over to the FBI Headquarters took far longer than Alex anticipated due to the increase in traffic as people left their offices and headed home for Christmas. At one point, he thought he had miscalculated badly. All he could do was hope his quarry stuck to his usual routine, silently hoping he would not need to go to Plan B, which would involve a far greater risk on his part.

Cold Days, Warm Hearts by Alterai -- M/K -- Christmas 2009
The cold made his throat ache. Already he could feel icy tendrils of cooling moisture trickling slowly down the back of his neck, curving over the knobs of his spine. He shivered and pointedly ignored the snow seeping into his boots, tried to focus on shooting murderous glares at the back of the man in front of him.

Comfort And Joy by maddie -- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-Walter Skinner sat down wearily at the bar and ordered a Scotch, not even bothering to check out the other patrons. It was Christmas Eve. He had been through a long week of powerplays and endless paperwork, not to mention having to deal with Mulder, and he was looking forward to some peace and quiet.

Compromised: Christmas Time is Here Again by Amazon-- Sk/K-- Christmas
-"You're insane as always, Vlad, nyet."
"Sasha, be reasonable. Your truck has a roof rack, mine doesn't. How can I strap the tree down? Keep my windows open? Please?"
"Why do you want to cut a tree down? Why can't we get one from Home Depot like everyone else? We don't live on the mountain anymore."

Confetti On The Floor by Goddess Michele-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
-Alex Krycek was lying on his side in bed, wearing nothing but a dozen bruises, an almost healed burn on his back and a zodiac charm accidentally stolen for him during a jewelry store heist.Fox Mulder entered the bedroom wearing considerably less, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses.Alex found New York's big ball drop on the TV playing softly in the corner and tossed the remote control onto the bedside table.

Contagious Insanity by Polly Bywater-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-"You have got to be shitting me." Alex heard the all-too-familiar voice and froze, then another voice piped up and he swallowed the expletive he'd been about to say. "Mommy, that man said a bad word!"
"Yes, he did, baby. Shame on him!"
Alex had to turn and look. A young blonde woman and an even younger and blonder little girl were skewering Walter Skinner with matching stares of disapproval... and Walter Skinner was actually blushing. Alex bit down on his lower lip, trying not to laugh out loud.

Détente by Flutesong-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-The final treaty negotiations were held in a most elegant setting: Chateau in the Alps, thick crimson carpets, Renoirs, Degas, Matisses, and Picassos, mahogany tables…
No souvenir pens, no papers, no copyist, or recordings. Just well dressed power people and cultured voices, sealing a fate for the People of Earth that the People of Earth never knew was predetermined on their behalf.

Every Dog Has Its Day by Ursula--Mulder/Skinner/Krycek-- Christmas 2009
-Something was missing, my left side was cool and I remembered that I had fallen asleep in the middle last night. We varied a lot in where we slept in our bed. It was usually whoever was the middle of the love sandwich. Sometimes one of us knew we were going to have a bad night and wanted the touch of both of our lovers to stave off the worst of the nightmares.

Existential by Ratadder -- Sk/K M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Alex twisted his arm against the strange, featureless band of silver encircling his wrist, forcing himself not to scream in frustration. For the fifteenth, or the fiftieth, time it did absolutely nothing except make his arm tired. It didn't hurt so much as just immobilize him, keeping him bound to the chair. He could twist to the side because his prosthesis had been taken away and nothing bound his stump. But similar bands encircled his ankles, keeping his feet flat to the floor. He tipped his head back against the cushioned head rest and closed his eyes.

Farside of the world by Laura -- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-After he fired the last bullet, Walter Skinner stood stunned at what he had done. What he had been forced to do. What he was a party to. Mulder barely glanced at the fallen man before them as he turned on his heel and slowly walked out of the Hoover Building's garage.

First Thanksgiving by ib_ratstruck-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
-In spite of the fact that Mr. Cooper was yet again trying to cause trouble for Alex (this time saying they shouldn't have a murderer teaching the children... a GAY murderer yet), and in spite of the fact that Fox had headed out of town today on a case, he was busy planning for their first Thanksgiving Dinner in their new home.

Happy Holidays Artwork by Candace -- Christmas 2009

Hearts and Minds by Aqualegia-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-Mulder's eyes flickered open and squinted in the bright morning light. He frowned, puzzled that the sun was shining through a gap in the curtains; curtains which didn't exist in his own apartment. So where the hell was he?

If Wishes Were Horses .. by Claire Dobbin-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2005
-Thinking about it afterwards, Skinner realized he could pinpoint the exact moment when it all started. He had been in his office, chairing a committee scrutinizing fiscal projections for the incoming year, when Mulder had suddenly materialized - from thin air.

In Darker Shadows by Tarlan-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-The dead talk to us and we ought to listen because they see things that we cannot yet comprehend. At least this was what Mulder believed following his incarceration and brain washing at the Mount Weather complex. Rationally, he knew his visitations from dead people were merely the construct of his abused mind using the memory of those others to help fight back against the conditioning. He recalled Agent Reyes' outburst at his trial:

Instead Of Sheep by Ratadder-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-My eyes fly open at the harsh ring tone and I come awake already reaching for the telephone. My alarm has a different ring, and my subconscious pretty much recognizes the endless variations of all the little gadgets I carry with me these days.I almost roll off the bed as my back protests the sudden reach and my body tries to twist to accommodate aching muscles. Finding the screeching phone right where I left it on the bedside table, I overbalance in the other direction and fall back to the mattress. My left shoulder and the abused stump both protest sharply as I land on them and the gasping pain slows me down enough to let the phone holler at me one more time

I'll Be Home For Christmas by Wolfens and Ruth-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2008
-The sound of the ice clinking as it melted down roused Walter from his thoughts. He looked down at the empty glass in his hand. The lights from the tree sparkled and bounced off the ice and the last remnants of the amber liquid pooled in the bottom of the tumbler.

It Must Be Christmas Time by Lady Midath--Mulder/Skinner/Krycek-- Christmas 2009
-Two thousand miles is very far through the snow, I'll think of you wherever you go...
The song was playing again. Alex could hear it as he trudged down the snow covered footpath passing the brightly lit stores. Normally he liked the snow. He liked the way it covered everything, adding a glistening clean white blanket over all the dirt and grime of the city.

It's Nice To Be Home by Siberian_Skys-- M/K -- Christmas 2009 / I want to believe fic
-"Your lack of self-preservation is truly astounding," Alex said as he slouched loose-limbed against the open doorway of Mulder's office.
"Didn't you get the newsletter? Not only am I no longer a wanted man, but the FBI has taken me on as a consultant since I refused to be reinstated," Mulder replied without turning from his article-clipping project.

K'e/Mire by SandS-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
-Mulder pushed the pedal a little harder, afraid he was going to cause the battered old pick-up to simply fall apart. He glanced down to see the red needle pushing 90 and felt his guts twist. He reached up to wipe a drop of sweat away from his eye, then caught a glimpse of his finger as he lowered it and saw that it was wet with blood, not perspiration. He swallowed, quickly wiping it on his dirty jeans, and put his hand back on the wheel.

Lean on Me by Alterai-- Christmas 2009
-Author's note: Highlander crossover - A Methos/Alex friendship fic.

Letting Go the Old World by Polly and Jennie-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
He pauses his rather less that steady progress down the sidewalk, bending to peer into my car. "Mulder," he says, an absolute lack of surprise in his voice. "Go away."
And off he goes, back in the direction from which he'd just come.
I put the car in reverse and follow him. I wouldn't say he's staggering. Close, though, very close.
He stops, does a one eighty, and strikes out again. Apparently he really likes this particular stretch of sidewalk.

Life During Wartime by Ursula-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
-Notes: I always wanted to do a Mulder/Krycek inspired by the Talking Heads' "Life in Wartime".
Summary: About to go on the run and about to go to war, Mulder needs a weapon and Walter Skinner can provide one

Life or Death by Maddie and Haven--Alex Krycek/Chris Keller, past Skinner/Krycek and Beecher/Keller-- Christmas 2009
-Warnings: Crossover OZ (hbo show). This story is not a deathfic. It does contain m/m sexual relationships and mention of past rape and sexual abuse.
Spoilers: Assume everything for both series, although it's AU for both.

Light Seen On High by Ursula-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2009
-I wouldn't let anyone else on the roof of the observatory, not until it was over, but I had to see it. It was fireworks in the sky as the combined missiles of every armed nation flew at the alien ships. It was a conspiracy of epic proportions that we had engineered. It took every nation to destroy the ships and I hoped we would remember that we had to fight as one to survive.

Long Time Coming by RhymePhile-- M/K/au -- Christmas 2009
-Mulder sucked in a lungful of air as he ascended the fifth staircase, heaving himself forward by grabbing onto the banister. Krycek was right behind him, the pounding of his shoes against the metal stairs echoing up the stairwell

Lost Boy by Ursula-- M/K(Peter Pan)/au -- Christmas 2009/xover Peter Pan/ and parts of Hook
-Although Peter knew that the original Wendy was gone, he was content to visit whichever Wendy currently resided in the home. He was young man now, not a boy, but he had not lost his gifts. He could still fly and he could still go to Never Land. To his great surprise, there was no Wendy in the house. It was full of young men who chattered of rugby and yachts, sex and ale, and smelled of bubble and squeak cooked by the portly house mother who was definitely not a Wendy, even a grown up one.

Maybe Tomorrow by Siberian_Skys-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-Hearing another thump from the first floor, Fox Mulder looked up from his book and listened for the heavy footfalls to start up the staircase. When they finally did, he lay his book on the nightstand and set his reading glasses on top. Shoving off the covers, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and padded barefoot into the bathroom to start the shower. Stepping back into the bedroom he came nose to nose with Alex Krycek. "What took you so long?" he asked.

Missing Pieces by Courtney Gray -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Krycek gazed down at the body on the slab. John Doe #34. Even for a dead man, he looked bad. The man had been living too long and too hard on the streets. Still, it was definitely his missing person. The military tattoo was the clincher. For a moment, #34's sallow, emaciated face faded, replaced by a kaleidoscope of dead faces, swirling through Krycek's consciousness. So many dead faces, he couldn't possibly count them all.

No Greater Gift A Man Can Give by Kinky Girl-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004/2008
-Walter Skinner sat down heavily on the couch. "You're what?!" he demanded. Tell me this is a joke...
"I'm pregnant."
"I don't find this at all funny."
"You think I do!?" Alex Krycek exploded. "This is no fucking joke, Skinner. It's a... it's an abomination. Jesus Christ..." he slammed his fist into the wall with a force that made Skinner wince.

No Second Chances by KinkyGrrl Diane -- Sk/K-- Christmas 2009
Summary: Skinner wakes up to find himself on the edge of a nightmare. Everything he thought was real is proving to have been false. Or is it?

No Ornament But You by Amazon X-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-Mulder put his last file in the drawer and closed it up for the holiday. Scully looked at him and smiled. "You look excited for once, Mulder, and it's not about work."
"I like your family. And Bill won't be there." Mulder's smile threatened to outshine the tinsel that he'd strewn around the office. "I'm sure that's the best reason for you, Mulder." Scully was teasing, but she knew how hurtful her older brother could be. As unaffected as Mulder could act, she also knew that it hurt him deeply.

None of the Wise Men by M F Luder -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-The week had gone from bad to worse. First off, it was Christmas, his least favorite time of year. It was even worse than Valentine's Day. While everyone played in the snow, decorated their homes, window shopped, and made love on the tree skirts, Mulder sank into a funk. His door was the only one not decorated on his floor. It appeared to be a black hole in the midst of all the gaiety-and that suited him just fine.

Not Exactly a Photo Finish by Maddie and Haven-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2008
-"Come on, Alex, you promised," Matthew said, a wheedling tone in his voice.
"Okay," Alex Krycek said, giving in. Alex wanted nothing more than to get away from the crowded mall, but he *had* promised Matthew they'd do the whole holiday thing -- including a visit with Santa. At 11, Matthew was a little too old to sit for a picture with Santa, but since he had been denied the opportunity when he was the appropriate age, Alex figured he deserved it.

One more eM/Kay aitcH/Cee story by Greentea-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-"Hurry, Krycek, get up already." Mulder spurred on his nemesis-turned-bedmate.
"Why, I've been dreaming of the morning-cuddling part like forever!"
"Because we have a lot to do - you have to get hurt, I have to nurse you better, then we have to find a way to end up together happily ever after. Oh, and deal with your and my guilty feelings. And all that in under 50K; remember Greentea writes short stories only.

Peace On Earth by Rachelle-- Sk/K_Art-- Christmas 2004

Russian Blues by Ursula-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-You can't go in there," the bouncer said.
Walter eyed the bulging muscle, checking for and finding a hidden weapon. The man was an elegant brute, his body the result of lots of red meat and days in the gym. His body made mockery of his tuxedo. He would have been better suited to a loincloth and body oil. Walter wondered if Krycek was fucking him or being fucked by him. Alex liked it either way. The man was Alex's type... the same type as Walter was.

Sanity Begins at Home by Polly Bywater-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2005
-It had surprised Walter - and amused him - to learn that Alex Krycek could cook. Walter's amusement lay in the way Alex did it, like going to war; recipe at hand, ingredients set out in meticulous order of appearance, and measured with an assassin's precision. Their kitchen - which was very much Alex's kitchen when Alex was cooking - was ruthlessly cleaned as Alex went along. Meals were presented with a chef's flair; so beautifully arranged they were worthy of magazine covers, everything tasting as good as

Secret Santa by Alea Rose-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-One more "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greetings" wish, and Walter Skinner believed he would take his gun out and shoot someone.It wasn't that he was bitter about the season, or that he hated holidays in general. It wasn't even a lack of belief in the higher power of choice. It was the fact that everyone, even his most obsessive agents, seemed to lose all sense of propriety, not to mention work ethics, every year when the season rolled around.

Send the Sun by Flutesong-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
Summary: Just when you decide to retreat from the world
Spoilers: As if that is relevant anymore - Krycek lives after being shot in the garage; Mulder sticks around with Scully and the kid for a while, not just 48 hours like on the show, nothing in canon order after that.

Sometimes That's All I Do by ib_ratstruck-- M/K -- Christmas 2009
-I could look at him forever, so sometimes that's all I do. When we were partners in the FBI, I would catch myself staring at him. I'd say that I was mindlessly staring, but that would be lying. My brain would be busily whirling with all the 'what ifs' I could dream up.

Stay Cat Sleep by Ruth-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-I never know when he's coming. Sometimes weeks go by at a time. But he always comes at Christmas. Or tries to.Last year he was in prison and he didn't make it. I took down the tree December 26. I couldn't bear to look at it.The months until he surfaced felt like years. I have loved him since the first time I met him. He was Agent Alex Krycek then. So young and beautiful and eager that I lost my heart immediately. And nothing he has done in the intervening years can change the way I feel. I love him still.

Stormy weather by J farris-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-Walter drove through the city of Washington, D.C., making his way slowly home through the rush hour traffic. He had the radio on, but was not particularly listening to the music. The weather report caught his attention, mentioned the probability of snow in the higher elevations, anywhere from 1-3 inches. He had received a telephone call earlier from his love, stating that he'd be back home tonight, after successfully dealing with the cow situation in Broken Bow

That in Which Events Succeed by Polly Bywater-- M/K, Past Sk/K-- Christmas 2009
Summary: Audrey calls this "one big dialogue-driven courtship" which describes it pretty well.
Notes: Set post-series and ignores the last movie, remixes aspects of my own previous characterizations, brief inclusion of a pairing from another fandom (Stargate) but is not really a crossover. Grateful thanks to Audrey and Britta for their sharp eyes, sharper minds, and sweet hearts.

The Art of Gift Giving by Aries -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Merry Christmas, Alex. I've got a gift for you."
Krycek walked through the small, dark living room and dropped into the only chair in the room.
"Gee, thanks. I don't have a tree to put it under, so you can just leave it on the doorstep."
"It's not a thing. It's a job."
"A job. Clearly, somebody needs to school you on the art of gift giving."
"Oh, but it's a very special job."

The Giving Tree's Greatest Gift by Karah Ross-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2004
-Standing the middle of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Walter looked up at the Giving Tree feeling slightly depressed. "So many names, so many needy children." Taking a deep breath, he began looking for the children he'd like to help.Every year he took a name off the tree for each of his nieces and nephews. Originally he'd tried to help children who were born in the same year as his siblings' children but with the oldest now twenty, he'd settled on looking for names that were similar. The younger children were still matched up by age.

The Obligatories by Goddess Michelle -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Mulder had thought his stomach was going to be in knots all day.
It was a bit fluttery while he was tying his tie—or, to be honest, while Scully was fussing with the knotted mess he had made of it—but he chalked that up to the pot of coffee he had called breakfast. He'd experienced a downright lurch just as the usher had brought him into the large airy room where his friends and family sat smiling—well, Scully was wiping her eyes with a tissue, but he could tell she was smiling on the inside—and Alex Krycek stood waiting.

The Sequined Snowman by ib_ratstruck-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-"Come on," begged Alex Krycek, as his car coughed once again. Belching black smoke out of the exhaust, it weakly responded with a small surge forward before finally coughing its last. Groaning, Alex threw it into park and rested his forehead on his hand which rested on the steering wheel. Fortunately, he was more or less off the street, having begun to steer to the side when the car started to act up again.

The Vortex by Tarlan -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-Mulder stared into the vortex stretching before him in horrified fascination, enthralled by the swirling multi-colored lights that spun around what could only be described as a nothingness. Spookily enough, it reminded him of an inverted form of the Christmas tree his mother had put up that last year before Samantha disappeared, with lights chasing each other around the dark center of deep forest green pine. Somehow it seemed appropriate now as the last minutes of Christmas Eve ebbed away, sucked into the gaping maw of the vortex.

The Ultimate Punishment by CarolelaineD-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-Fox Mulder had spent the week working very hard, but during that time he had pissed off Skinner over his expenses, the higher ups could not grasp the fact that the X files required a lot of field work. Mulder had also been sent to Oregon on a promising lead that turned out to be a hoax. Glad to be back home at the end of the week, his only plans were involved a large pizza and a six pack of beer.

Truce by inlaterdays-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-Mulder wrapped the thermalskin blanket more closely around himself and tried without much success to warm his hands over the RadiantGlow block. When the lock was popped, the thing was supposed to give you the illumination and heat of a campfire without the giveaway thermal signature, but of course it didn't. It sat there being a non-campfirey, slightly glowing, vaguely warm cube of plastic, no matter how hard you willed it otherwise. You couldn't cook over the damned thing, either.

Vows by Ursula -- M/K -- Christmas 2005
-You need to read Father's Day, Father's Day 2, and Folie to understand the background of this story. Summary: Alex escapes from Spender with an infant that was created from his and Mulder's gene. He goes to Mulder for help. Mulder and he form an uneasy partnership to raise the infant, Jacob. In Father's Day 2, Live and Learn, Mulder and Alex start a sexual relationship while trying to find a way to protect Jacob from Spender, who survived yet another disaster. In Folie, the first story written, Alex returns from a trip to visit his mother to find Mulder in a surprising state. I don't want to spoil the plot of that one. It's fun.

What If...by Goddess Michele-- M/K -- Christmas 2010
-"Stop." Fox Mulder's voice was low, but Alex Krycek froze in his tracks at the single word which held all the force of a shouted command. He didn't turn around; didn't have to turn, to know that he would see Mulder still sprawled on the floor, his long legs splayed out in front of him, his lean body propped up against the desk. He didn't have to look at Mulder to know that while his tie was still knotted, his shirt was untucked from their recent tussle, and one of his shoes was on the other side of the room.

Waiting for xmas by Casey-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2005 -- Art

Мы Нуждаемся В Небольшом Рождестве (We Need A Little Christmas) by Goddess Michele-- M/K -- Christmas 2008
-"Tell me again why I'm sitting here at the kitchen table drinking coffee-"Mulder began irritably.
"I slaved over a hot coffee maker for minutes for you," Krycek interrupted with a grin.
"Why I'm sitting here drinking *flavorful* coffee with you at the crack of dawn-"
"It's not that early!"
"-at *half past dawn*, when I could still be asleep-"
"When do you ever sleep in?"

Yesterday by Donna McIntosh-- Sk/K-- Christmas 2010
-"Hey, Tony, what is it?" Walter Skinner sat up in bed, reached for his glasses and checked his bedside clock. 2:23 am. "Is everyone all right?"
"Yeah, Walt, I hate to bother you but I think I've got one of your agents in my clinic."
"Who? Mulder?" Walter flipped the covers back and stood up as immediate concern for his wayward agent engulfed him.